465 / Painting for MadC

Here’s a little A3 painting on fine grain paper I completed for the lovely and very talented Mad C.
What with her amazing style writing skills I thought I’d mix my more abstract work with my letter styles.

Anyway, here it is…

464 / Motivational Therapy only 2 weeks away…

Just a little over 2 weeks to go before my 3rd exhibition in the US this year opens…
The artworks have left and an empty hollow feeling of nerves and anxiety has engulfed me. The same feeling I’m sure all artists get when their work leaves the studio and goes on to wherever it’s meant to go to.

I’m also excited as I’ll get to see friends I haven’t seen in a long while and hopefully meet some new ones along the way too. I consider myself an extremely fortunate individual to be a part of this ‘art game’ as we call it. It’s all one great big adventure and I love being a part of it.

See you soon San Frangipan… x

For more information on the artworks please email –

Motivational Therapy – 2014
Spray paint, matt emulsion and graphite on canvas
80cm x 80cm

462 / ‘Motivational Therapy’ details

Some detail sneak peeks at some of the paintings from my upcoming show at White Walls in San Francisco next month.
The show is entitled Motivational Therapy’ and is a slight departure from recent works.

Detail from ‘Oxygen’ – 2014

Detail from ‘Ocean’ – 2014

Detail from ‘One Four Seven’ – 2014

Detail from ‘Ocean’ – 2014

461 / New mural with Two One

We called this jam ‘Tiger, Tiger burning bright.’
A complete freestyle from start to finish with one of the best artists around…
Two One is an amazing artist and a pleasure to paint with always.

460 / Day trip to Birmingham

Made the trip to Birmingham for some street art festival… Avoided the festival and painted graffiti with my good friends Crise and YesB.

Nuff said really….

Rough – 2014

YesB & Rough – 2014

YesB – 2014

Crise – 2014

Rough – 2014

Cryse & Rough – 2014

Cryse – 2014