10 / Posada Los Nogales

I am currently working on a two man show with the very talented Jaybo, for Galeria Nuble in Santander. The show is called NO BEGINNING, NO END and will feature collaborative works as well as individual works. So I thought I’d post a few artworks from my last trip to Santander in December 2009.

The tower at Posada Los Nogales.

Map of Europe
Spray paint on canvas.

Matt emulsion and spray paint on canvas.

08 / Reptiles

Some of you may or may not know but I am part of a music collective named ‘Reptiles‘. We have been lucky enough to tour with so many great musicians and released music through Independent Hip Hop Recordings, Jazz Fudge Records and our own Liquid Playthings label. Here’s 2 videos from recent multimedia projects with Ditto, directed by Joseph from Reptiles and a video we did with Yarah Bravo from our Amour EP. Enjoy…

Sin / Virtue from Joseph Barnes on Vimeo.

Ditto@Latitude – Enchantment from Joseph Barnes on Vimeo.

Amour from Joseph Barnes on Vimeo.

07 / Pegasus and R3

Two recent originals one available exclusively from Urban Angel and the other for a charity auction, to raise money for the people of Bhopal, available from the Pure Evil Gallery.

Matt emulsion and spray paint on canvas
41cm x 143cm

Matt emulsion and spray paint on canvas
25cm x 25cm

02 / The first image

This is a painting i recently finished for the Espacio Atlantico art fair in Vigo, Spain. It’s called ”Planet 10′ after the Mike Ladd song of the same title.