21 / Stroke 02 art fair

April and May are fast becoming my busiest months ever! I have 2 brand new paintings going to the Stroke 02 art fair in Munich with Laura McNamara. I will be exhibiting work along with Juice 126, Zoot and Mac 1. This is one of the pieces going to the art fair.

As yet untitled
Matt emulsion and spray paint on canvas
101.6cmx 101.6cm

19 / Juice 126

I thought i’d give another good friend of mine some blog love today. Juice 126 was and still is a big influence upon me and what I do. We met at the World Graffiti Championships in Bridlington in 1989 and we’ve been friends ever since. We started a Reptiles together and our now both Agents Of Change together… We’ve painted more walls together than I can count and i’ve watched his influence wash over so many artists from all over the world!
Here’s two timeless classics from him…

Juice 126 abstract, Selly Oak, Birmingham 1989.
(Thanks to Martin Jones for the photo).

Welcome to a world of genetic modernisation. By Part2ism, Remi/Rough and Juice 126. Hull 1998.

18 / My favourite paintings of 2009

These are 7 of my favourite paintings that I did last year for my ‘Lost colours and alibis’ exhibition.


Subtle Odysseus.

Linear expansion.

Among the ghosts.




17 / Stormie Mills

One of my best friends and a truly amazing artist; Stormie Mills recently did this huge mural in Perth’s city centre, just before he opened a major new exhibition.

16 / Paris trains from back in the day

A short visit to Paris way back in 1993 led to these being painted. I got to paint trains with Jiwea, Opak, A One and Sharp and I can’t knock that…

15 / ‘Never a dull moment’ at White Walls Gallery

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a group show in February at the prestigious White Walls Gallery in SanFrancisco. I had an amazing time and met some incredible artists and image makers. Here’s the installation and artworks I made specifically for the show. A big thanks to Io Wright for bringing me out there…

More pics here.

The completed installation on found wood, that Justin and the White Walls gang covered the entire gallery with.

The first time.
91.5cm x 91.5cm
Spray paint and matt emulsion on canvas.

Super structure 04.
Spray paint on canvas.
91.5cm x 91.5cm

Ka$h Money.
Spray paint on canvas.
61cm x 61cm

Intelligent Opportunities (IO).
Spray paint and matt emulsion on canvas.
61cm x 61cm