493 / New mural in Rabat

Freshly painted in Rabat, Morocco for the Jidar mural festival last weekend.
Assisted by the always amazing YesB.

The mural was painted on the Technopark building, opposite the ministry of culture deep in the heart of Rabat’s city centre, only minutes away from the bustling Medina.

491 / Ambiguity – Group show

Really excited about this show with 3 good friends and amazing artists.
This might be one of the best show line ups I’ve been part of in quite some time.

487 / Studio 10 Sessions 02

Painted with the extremely talented Mac1 in deepest, darkest South London.
This is the second in an ongoing series of collaborations.

486 / Graffiti under the Westway

I did this little piece a few weeks back with Graffiti legends Inkie, Tizer and Xenz.
A most enjoyable day out with lovely people…