486 / Graffiti under the Westway

I did this little piece a few weeks back with Graffiti legends Inkie, Tizer and Xenz.
A most enjoyable day out with lovely people…

483 / Previously (Recap)

Here are some photos from my recent mini retrospective, ‘Previously’ at Morgan Furniture in London.
It was great to dig out some of theses old paintings and look at them altogether.

Fantastic crowd in attendance too.

482 / The Urban Art Biennalé 2015

Agents Of Change were fully represented at this year’s ‘Urban Art Biennalé’ in Volklinger, south west Germany.
Augustine Kofie, LX One and myself all had works on show within the huge exhibition. LX and myself were also invited to paint a large mural in the museum grounds.

There is an amazing catalogue available from the show here – Urban Art Biennalé shop

Anyway here’s some photos…

Mural by LX One and Remi Rough

Desensitization by Remi Rough

Boris Tellegen and Remi Rough

Augustine Kofie

LX One

LX One

480 / Urban Art Biennale 2015

I am very honoured to be asked to partake in the Urban Art Biennale 2015 at The Volklinger Ironworks Museum in Saarbrucken.
I’ll be going with the mighty LX One next month.

478 / Previously

My next show is in London…
First one in a while but all older mostly unseen works.

476 / Selected works 2011-2015 publication

I have a new publication ‘Selected Works 2011-2015′ due out very soon…
It’s an American A4 sized, 64 page catalogue of works from the last 4 years, including some more recent murals.

I will have an extremely limited number of these books available from shop.remirough.com