80 / Stormie Mills in Sydney

My good friend Stormie Mills has just opened an incredible exhibition of new paintings at Richard Martin Art in Sydney. In my humble opinion, some of his most daring work to date… I can see a strong sense of abstraction starting to come through and his characters are as vibrant and melancholy as ever.

We did lose a few lions in the early days.

It’s Over Now; Now the Pain is Gone.

Tales of times past.

78 / More IBug images.

Just back from a lovely family holiday and feeling much rested… Here’s the rest of my IBug pictures from my adventures in East Germany!

Tasso & Remi/Rough.

Shok1, Loomit & Remi/Rough.

This was my gift to Tasso.

I painted this canvas as a gift for the electrician who sorted out all our lighting.

77 / IBug Festival

I just got back from the amazing IBug Festival in Meerane, East Germany. Tasso from MaClaim Crew invited me and I had a blast in the disused material factory that they had acquired for the fifth IBug Festival. I missed Shok1 by 2 hours, but still managed to do a collaboration even without him there… More photos to come!

IBug 5!!!

Bitumen, flamethrower and spray paint.

And from the darkness…

Loved this installation by Shok.

Me and Loomit, one scaffold tower, paint, tape and Kid Acne on the rock box!

75 / Some brand new black book action

I’ve been wanting to draw some more classical graffiti for ages, just to see how it came out, so I did!
Next on the to do list is painting it…

73 / Jaybo and Remi/Rough timelapse

Back in June Jaybo and I showed new works at Galeria Nuble in Santander. Timid made this rather tasty timelapse of the exterior installation we did in the front of the gallery…

71 / Monaco

I’ve just started work on a new collection of paintings for a New York show and this is the first finished piece… I’m expanding on the paintings I did for the ‘No beginning no end’ exhibition with Jaybo earlier this year in Santander.

Spray paint and gesso on canvas
60cm x 60cm