87 / Focusrite & Novation

My lovely new client Novation fed and watered me today and all they asked in return is that I paint this PA system, that they’ll be offering as part of an amazing competition prize at the upcoming BPM trade fair at Birmingham’s NEC.

85 / Dave Dipré

My old friend Dave Dipré has been doing some bloody amazing paintings of late! He’s also had a painting shortlisted and critically acclaimed for the BP Portrait Award
In short… He ain’t mucking about! So if hyou haven’t heard of him before, then educate yourself before you embarrass yourself…

Now that’s what I call a self portrait. 2010

Study of the face. 2010

84 / Ghost Village film at EdinDocs

Agents of Change : Ghost Village Project screening at EdinDocs

The Ghost Village Project will have its first Scottish screening in the Friday Docs
session at the EdinDocs film festival.

Please come along and see it as part of an exciting mix of short documentaries.
The Ghostvillage Project was created over 3 days on the west coast of Scotland. 6 artists – Timid, Remi/Rough, System, Stormie Mills, Juice 126 and Derm – were given free reign to paint in an abandoned 1970s village. Working together on huge collaborative walls and individually in hidden nooks and crannies all over the site the artists realised long held dreams and were inspired by the bleakness and remoteness of the site. Drawing on the history of the village the artists’ stated intent on completion of the project was to populate the ghostvillage with the art and characters that it deserved.

17 Sept / 18:30 – 22:00 / Edindocs, Church Hill Theatre Edinburgh, EH10 4DR

83 / Save Style Wars

Just saw a post on 12oz Prophet about Style Wars and how the original film has deteriorated and needs saving!
This film is probably the single most important film in my life, it gave me my career and influenced thousands of others.
I really hope they can restore it.

Henry Chalfont, Case2 & Tony Silver photograhed by Martha Cooper in 1982.

81 / New Paintings

Here’s a few new paintings I’ve been working on of late, some for my upcoming show; ‘A’, with Steve More and some for other things…

Spray paint on canvas
60cm x 60cm

Spray paint on canvas
60cm x 60cm

Sugar & Spice
Spray paint on canvas
30cm x 30cm

Spray paint on canvas
45cm x 45cm

80 / Stormie Mills in Sydney

My good friend Stormie Mills has just opened an incredible exhibition of new paintings at Richard Martin Art in Sydney. In my humble opinion, some of his most daring work to date… I can see a strong sense of abstraction starting to come through and his characters are as vibrant and melancholy as ever.

We did lose a few lions in the early days.

It’s Over Now; Now the Pain is Gone.

Tales of times past.

78 / More IBug images.

Just back from a lovely family holiday and feeling much rested… Here’s the rest of my IBug pictures from my adventures in East Germany!

Tasso & Remi/Rough.

Shok1, Loomit & Remi/Rough.

This was my gift to Tasso.

I painted this canvas as a gift for the electrician who sorted out all our lighting.