There’s very little I can say about coming across this show at La Place Forte in Paris, except it’s quite possibly one of the most exciting things I have found in a very long time… As a huge fan and student of the BBC Crew and especially Lokiss I was influenced from the moment I met Vincent (Lokiss), at Bridlington in 1989… Not meeting Jay One until many years later and having the fortune of showing work alongside both him and Lord Skki…

To me these artists know no bounds… They are as much the future as they are the past and These new paintings from Lokiss prove that….
It’s time for the Toys to die! The masters have returned…


Cube 2


98 / Phenomenology 0.1 print release

My first proper print release is ready to roll… The print is 80cm x 80cm and will be a four colour screen print each one a hand finished edition of 50! The prints will be available from Laura McNamara Ltd This coming November.

Phenomenology 0.1

97 / Mare 139 NYC

Amazing sculptor, painter and graffiti legend; Mare 139 has a fantastic new show opening on October 5 at the Raw Space Gallery in New York.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’s calling a ‘structural intervention’. Mare 139 has always pushed the boundaries of his art and I expect no less from this his first showing in quite some time…
If you’re in New York, you need to check this show out!

FREESTYLE ARCHITYPER 2 :: Mare139 from Hip-Hop Theater Festival on Vimeo.

96 / Jaybo’s Hazardous Brushtrokes

Tonight is the opening night of the brand new Jaybo exhibition at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin.
Jaybo’s work always seems to take giant leaps and it’s quite hard to keep up with his ever changing styles and ideas… This show is no different, a big departure from the figurative into some really abstract realms. I only wish I could be there!
Good luck Jaybo!

95 / James White

I thought I’d share some of these incredible works by painter James White, he paints everyday objects in their static environments using oils. James is represented by Max Wigram Gallery in London and Gerhardsen Gerner in Berlin.

Milk and stuff

The Hole

93 / A (Early sneak peeks)

Next February I have an important exhibition opening with one of my fellow Agents Of ChangeSteve More.
We’ve been working on this show for a while and it’ll be my first proper showing in London since 2009.
The exhibition is called – A.
Here’s a couple of early sneak peeks…

92 / 64BC4

After a long wait. Finally the fourth 64 Bar Challenge compilation has hit the interwebs.
Featuring a stack of amazing producers making 64 bars worth of beats to the tune (well tempo actually), of 128bpm!
Mixed expertly by the very talented DJ Twit and curated by Kovas. It’s an absolute treat and free for your listening pleasure.

64 Bar Challenge 4
Available from here

91 / 108

Recently saw this image on Jaybo’s I Wish U Sun blog, then I saw more of the artists work on Unurth blog.
Anyway I was so impressed with 108 and his work, I thought I’d share it with you…


90 / Circle Around by Liliana Rose Morgan

Liliana’s latest masterpiece, painstakingly drawn over the course of a week using felt tip pens.
She’s called it ‘Circle Around’, I wonder who she takes after…