108 / New digital work from Jupe

My man Jupe is always doing something amazing, if he’s not painting amazing walls, then he’s designing amazing posters like this one…
Just waiting for him to release a screen print of some sort!

103 / SatOne

Another amazing artist doing some incredible work on walls is Munich based SatOne.
We’ve been talking about a collaboration and I think that’s going to happen soon… Watch this space!

101 / DJ Krush, Prefuse73 & me

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of painting live at Koko as part of a DJ Krush and Prefuse 73 gig for Soundcrash.
The painting I made is to be auctioned for the Macmillan charity. It’s 120cm x 150cm and signed by myself, Prefuse and the mighty Krush!!
The auction begins tomorrow, log on to Soundcrash to bid! and go high!! It’s a great cause and I’d love to own it myself…

Me and Krush.

The final signed piece!

100 / An underdeveloped dream

A new painting I only just finished for a charity auction to raise money for Haven House Children’s Hospice.

Haven House cares for children and young people between the ages of 0 to 19 who have life-limiting conditions and who are unlikely to reach adulthood. They help families by providing a range of services that include day, short break and end of life care, together with therapeutic play in the community. Families can find the support they need when they need it most at no cost to themselves. Haven House Children’s Hospice is a charity looking after children and their families in Central and North East London and West Essex.

An underdeveloped dream
Spray paint on canvas
40cm x 40cm