114 / Changing places, changing faces

Just back from a whirlwind visit to Birmingham as part of the Changing places, changing faces exhibition featuring Juice 126, Mac1, Sola, Zoot and myself, curated by Laura McNamara.
The show looks amazing and if you’re in the area, you need to go check this out!

113 / Wahaca Soho

One of the loveliest jobs I’ve had in some time. The people who own Wahaca got in touch with me to paint their new Soho restaurant and I’ve spent the last 2 days painting various spaces and walls inside the amazing new restaurant.
Not quite finished yet, still a couple of touch ups here and there to complete but overall we’re almost done.

Not only have I had the loveliest time and been really looked after, but I’ve been very kindly fed awesome Mexican food for the past 2 days… The pork pibil and chicken mole being by far my favourite!

108 / New digital work from Jupe

My man Jupe is always doing something amazing, if he’s not painting amazing walls, then he’s designing amazing posters like this one…
Just waiting for him to release a screen print of some sort!