126 / Primary Flight Miami 03

I had the utmost pleasure in meeting the amazing photographer; Daniel Cima whilst in Miami… He subsequently took some shots of Stormie and I and I received them in my inbox today, so I thought I should share…

124 / Primary Flight Miami 01

I just got back to a freezing cold London from a baking hot Miami… I had an amazing time out there catching up with artists like Augustine Kofie, AlexOne, Dabs & Myla, Risky, Lister, Retna & Revok to name just a few…
Primary Flight was demented, so much amazing artwork being put up everywhere…
Here’s my first batch of photos anyway, I have so many to go through so be patient and I’ll put more up as soon as I have a chance…

Hope they get me back next year…


Graffiti Gone Global

Stormie Mills

Revok installation at Graffiti Gone Global

Remi/Rough – Andromeda & Miami Heat

Kenton Parker & Stormie Mills

Spot the names

AlexOne the master

Willie T, the legendary Risky WCA & Bobby C

More Stormie Mills

123 / Urban Artcore studio visit

I get a fair few photographers passing through Studio Remdog but rarely do they shoot in Black and White… Brenna from Urban Artcore came by a couple of months ago, when the sun was still shining and took some ace photos…
More here.

Photo by Brenna Urban Artcore