138 / Havana Club project wall

Here’s the new wall I did for the Havana Club wall project at Rich Mix in London last week. The wall is up until May, when it gets repainted by some lucky up and coming artist as part of a big competition.
Timid was on site to film it as well, so expect some celluloid action in a day or two.

136 / More ‘A’ details

The lovely and very talented Amelia Jacobsen Came down to my studio to take some shots for the forthcoming ‘A’ Exhibition and they look amazing.

It’s less than 4 weeks to go now and I’m getting very excited about this show for so many reasons… One being the new work by Steve More and another being the fact that we haven’t shown work properly together since 2001!!

But in the meantime I hope you like these awesome detail shots from Amelia…

135 / Lister, me & Stormie Mills

Just got sent this great pic from LA based photographer Yuri Hasegawa.
Yuri shot this photo at a party in Miami after a very hard day’s painting…

3 very tired artists in need of their beds!!

Lister, me & Stormie

134 / Sat One’s honours list

The marvelous Sat One tagged me in one of his photos and when I clicked to look at it I was surprised to see that he’d painted a wall with all the names of people who had inspired and aided him in his quest for art throughout the year…
I must say I felt highly honoured to be in that list from one of my favourite artists!

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone who’s looked at or followed my blog in it’s first year of being…
And all the best for 2011!!!

133 / Some ‘A’ sneak peeks…

Only 4 weeks to go until ‘A’ opens… So I thought I’d drop a couple of sneaky peeks.
This exhibition is my first London showing in two years and the first in almost 10 years for Steve More.


Steve More

Steve More

Steve More


Steve More

132 / Mare 139 new sculpture work

I saw these images on my good friend Mare’s fantastic blog and thought they needed to be further shared!
His sculpture work is making some really interesting moves at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for future developments.
Mare 139 & his blog.