133 / Some ‘A’ sneak peeks…

Only 4 weeks to go until ‘A’ opens… So I thought I’d drop a couple of sneaky peeks.
This exhibition is my first London showing in two years and the first in almost 10 years for Steve More.


Steve More

Steve More

Steve More


Steve More

132 / Mare 139 new sculpture work

I saw these images on my good friend Mare’s fantastic blog and thought they needed to be further shared!
His sculpture work is making some really interesting moves at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for future developments.
Mare 139 & his blog.

126 / Primary Flight Miami 03

I had the utmost pleasure in meeting the amazing photographer; Daniel Cima whilst in Miami… He subsequently took some shots of Stormie and I and I received them in my inbox today, so I thought I should share…

124 / Primary Flight Miami 01

I just got back to a freezing cold London from a baking hot Miami… I had an amazing time out there catching up with artists like Augustine Kofie, AlexOne, Dabs & Myla, Risky, Lister, Retna & Revok to name just a few…
Primary Flight was demented, so much amazing artwork being put up everywhere…
Here’s my first batch of photos anyway, I have so many to go through so be patient and I’ll put more up as soon as I have a chance…

Hope they get me back next year…


Graffiti Gone Global

Stormie Mills

Revok installation at Graffiti Gone Global

Remi/Rough – Andromeda & Miami Heat

Kenton Parker & Stormie Mills

Spot the names

AlexOne the master

Willie T, the legendary Risky WCA & Bobby C

More Stormie Mills