160 / MoseOneTwenty

Saw this by an old artist friend of mine MoseOneTwenty, It’s a paste up.
I love it, one of the most interesting pieces of art on the street that I’ve seen in a while.

Check out his Flickr – Here.

157 / Indigo

As you may know in just 2 weeks I’m off to Vancouver for an exhibition alongside Scott Sueme, Jerry Inscoe and Augustine Kofie. This is all pretty exciting, but another exciting aspect is the curator of this show…
Her name is Indigo and she is an amazing painter based in Vancouver. SHe travels so much and works a great deal harder than most artists I know…

Anyway, this short film gives you a brief insight into her world, of which I am looking forward to seeing close up.

156 / Photos by Martha Cooper

I had a wonderful surprise this morning when I found an email and these photos from the legendary Martha Cooper, who Stormie and myself met whilst we were in Miami.
Martha took these amazing shots of us whilst we were working on our wall.

152 / West One

I’ve been following the abstract works of New York artist – West One for quite some time, ever since Mare 139 pointed me in his direction.
It’s rare that an artist’s work excites me as much as this does…

Check him out and you’ll see why.



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