173 / I rock well in Stockwell

Spent a lovely afternoon with my old comrade in arms Solo One painting the super fresh hall of fame in Stockwell.
We spent a good four hours and came up with this…
An absolute pleasure to paint with this legend once again!

They may be grey, but these deadly avengers are still rockin’.

170 / Abstract Graffiti book

I met up with Cedar Lewisohn today and he very kindly gave me a copy of his new book – Abstract Graffiti, as I happen to have a couple of paintings in it…

It’s a pretty chunky tome with some spectacular art from around the globe.
I’d go so far to say that it’s possibly one of the best of this genre to date.
Go get one now!

169 / Selected moments

I’m pretty excited about this show… The first ever show with my great friend Stormie Mills and just myself!
We’re reflecting on some of our travels together and referencing some of the huge walls and special projects we’ve done together…

It’s at the Unit44 Gallery in Newcastle and we’ll be painting a massive wall as part of the show. It’s going to be pretty different for us both.

166 / Unintended Calculations, Vancouver 02

Some more pics from the Unintended Calculations show in Vancouver with Augustine Kofie, Jerry Inscoe and Scott Sueme, including some shots of us working on collaboration pieces in Sueme’s studio.

Jerry and me rockin’ it at the famous ‘Pinch√© Taco‘ joint.

Deep in Sueme’s lab.

Augustine Kofie & Remi/Rough collaboration piece.

Kofie & Sueme at work.

The lab

Sueme telling Jerry exactly what time it is.

The Unintended Calculations posse in effect.

Vancouver harbour at night… Stunning!

165 / Unintended Calculations, Vancouver

Finally got around to uploading all these images from the Unintended Calculations show at Becker Galleries, plus a few other little bits…



Me in front of two of my babies…

Innocent i

Innocent ii & Evaristus

Pius v & Sisinnius



Augustine Kofie

Augustine Kofie

Scott Sueme detail

The young maestro himself… Scott Sueme

The legendary Jerry Inscoe

My favourite piece of Jerry’s in the show… Simply stunning!