180 / 3 KINGS

Myself & System have been planning this wall for the past 18 months and finally we got around to doing it.
It’s our homage to the masters – Dondi White, Jean Michel Basquiat & RammellZee.

3 of the most influential artists upon the graffiti and street art scenes.

We’ve also made a short film about it which we should have ready by mid next week.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed looking at their works ever since we started painting.

178 / Forthcoming screen print ‘The 18th Letter’

Been feeling truly inspired by my graffiti roots of late and so I’ve decided to make my second print release a letter based one.
Coming in 2 colourways black and grey and red and grey 20 editions of each.

The 18th Letter screen print, available this Summer.

The 18th Letter

176 / New stuff

Sorry I’ve been off the radar, but lots of new newness is on the horizon…
Myself and TwoFourFifteen are working on a new RemiRough site and my servers have all been changed over…

Anyway, here’s a few images I’ve been waiting to put up… enjoy.

Jason/System and I have an amazing project coming up in the next 2 weeks,
so I thought I’d post some of his amazing work!

One of my prints as owned by the lovely Krista Booker and framed by Mister Frameman.

The master – Mare 139 next to one of his incredible stylewriter sculptures.

173 / I rock well in Stockwell

Spent a lovely afternoon with my old comrade in arms Solo One painting the super fresh hall of fame in Stockwell.
We spent a good four hours and came up with this…
An absolute pleasure to paint with this legend once again!

They may be grey, but these deadly avengers are still rockin’.