221 / Case 2 RIP The king of style

Case 2 the one armed computer rock wildstyle maestro died this morning after a long battle with cancer.
He was without doubt one of the most stylistically advanced style writers on the planet…

I remember doing constant playback pauses on my parents old VHS trying to get a good look at the outline he was drawing and the trains that flashed up on the screen when I first watched Style Wars… A true legend!!

My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this sad time.

218 / Marco Grassi AKA Pho in the Banca Generali

My good friend Marco Grassi is always keeping busy and constantly doing exhibitions all over the world… But his latest exploit sees one of his amazing large scale pieces accepted into the private collection of the prestigious Banca Generali in Italy…

The piece was so large that it had to be lifted in to the building through a second floor window by crane.

Marco in his studio.

All photos are courtesy of Marco Grassi ©2011

215 / Sometimes the dirt shows through

I’ve been trying to balance out the dirt and decay with clean lines and take a much more minimalist approach to my recent paintings.
This one’s entitled – ‘Sometimes the dirt shows through.’

Sometimes the dirt shows through
Spray paint & bitumen on canvas
100cm x 100cm

213 / Adidas competition piece

I painted this 100cm x 50cm canvas live at the newly refurbished Adidas Flagship store on Oxford Street at the weekend. Shoppers put their details into a lottery in order to win it.
I even signed the front of the painting, which is unheard of from me.

212 / Painting with Augustine Kofie

My good friend and colleague Augustine Kofie came down to South London straight after opening the Rudimentary Perfection exhibition in Glasgow.
I’d managed to hook up a rather tasty wall in a pretty prominent position, on which we began our colourful assault a couple of days ago…
Anyway, here it is along with a few photos taken over the couple of days.