239 / For, against & the truth

On 20 October, my good friend Stormie Mills is curating a show entitled ‘For, against & the truth’ at Linton & Kay Gallery in Perth, Western Australia.

I have 3 pieces in the show (As does each artist I believe), and I’m very honoured to be amongst some fantastic artists…

Anyway, here’s details of two of the works from the show.

Linton & Kay Gallery

Il Buono (detail), 2011

Il Cattivo (detail), 2011

238 / Mare 139

I am very happy and honoured to include this man in my list of close friends.
Not only is he an inspiration to so many artists all over the world, but he continues to expand his own mind on a daily basis.

I’ve been planning some new works for a possible New York show next year and I’ve been looking over lots of old 80’s footage of trains and walls from New York’s finest.

For now though, I leave you with this…
A legendary panel piece by Mare 139.


236 / West One outdoors

It’s no secret that West One is one of my favourite artists out there… His style of attack and use of layers is simply stunning!!
So I was more than pleased to discover he had upgraded his site to super fresh mode…
Check it here.

Meanwhile here’s a fantastic exterior installation from him.

Orleans by West One

232 / Hamburg day five

The last day in Hamburg produced a nice opportunity for myself and Tasek to work on a small collaboration at a small Advertising agency in the city.
We hadn’t worked together like this since 2002.