261 / The Underbelly Show Miami

Photo by Ian Cox

Private View 30th November or by appointment
General Opening 2nd December 8-10 pm
Open to the public 2nd December – 5th December
South Beach Miami

After a full year underground, The Underbelly Project is resurfacing this December in Miami during Art Basel. Presented in its own pop up gallery from 1 December – 5 December, the show will feature original artwork from 35 of the 103 international artists that participated in the hidden subway project. This exhibition will highlight the essence of the abandoned New York City station known as the Underbelly.

Workhorse has stated: “The New York Underbelly was an important chapter for us, but the story hadn’t been comprehensively told. The Underbelly Miami show gives us a chance to present the broad scope of documentation – Videos, photos, time-lapses and first hand accounts. The project is about more than just artwork. This show gives us a chance to show the people and the environment behind the artwork“
PAC has stated: “While the experience each artist had in their expedition underground can never be captured, it is my hope that this show will highlight some of the trials and tribulations associated with urban art taking place in the remote corners of our cities. Too often the practice of making art in unconventional venues remains shrouded in mystery and I hope this exhibition will shine a faint light on those artists who risk their safety to find alternative ways to create and be a part of the cities they live in.”
Included in the show are street, graffiti and fine artists alike. The full line-up of artists include: Faile, Dabs & Myla, TrustoCorp, Aiko, Rone, Revok, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Mark Jenkins, Anthony Lister, Logan Hicks, Lucy McLauchlan, M-City, Kid Zoom, Haze, Saber, Meggs, Jim & Tina Darling, The London Police, Sheone, Skewville, Jeff Stark, Jordan Seiler, Jason Eppink and I AM, Dan Witz, Specter, Ripo, MoMo, Remi/Rough, Stormie Mills, Swoon, Know Hope, Skullphone, L’Atlas, Roa, Surge, Gaia, Michael De Feo, Joe Iurato, Love Me, Adam 5100, and Chris Stain.

Fashioned to simulate the rawness of the abandoned station four stories beneath the bustle of New York City, the exhibit will attempt to capture the experience of artists’ that were invited leave their creative mark four stories beneath the city streets. The show will feature video footage of artists at work, still documentation, as well as recorded sounds heard in the tunnel.
Exclusively at The Underbelly Show, the unreleased We Own the Night: The Art of The Underbelly Project book, will be available as a limited edition collectors boxed set before the public release in February. This boxed set will include a hard cover book along with 9 unreleased photos packaged in a hand crafted oak box engraved with the names of each artist that contributed to the project. Before the general viewing there will also be a book signing featuring many of the aforementioned artists.

The gallery is located at 2200 Collins Avenue South Beach in Miami.

If you would like more information on The Underbelly Show, artist interviews or want to RSVP to the press opening please contact Darla at contact@theunderbellyproject.com

260 / Graffuturism Presents: ‘In Situ’

Graffuturism Proudly Presents: ‘In Situ’

We have finally finalized our lineup of artists for our mural installation project at Art Basel Miami this year. The installation titled “In Situ” will take place in the Wynwood Art District at the Kohn Compound during Art Basel Miami. The artists will include, Eric Haze, Mare 139, West One, Poesia, Aaron De la Cruz, Kema, Jurne, Sueme, Remi Rough, Greg Lamarche, She One, Rae Martini, LX One, Matt W. Moore, and Augustine Kofie.

This project has been in the works for awhile now and we were lucky enough to secure the walls thanks to the Kohn Compound. Also a special thanks to MTN Colors for being our paint sponsor for this event.

The project Titled ‘In Situ’ is a reference to the Mural installations that in the definition of the term, will be made and created for the site specific to this event. Permanent Murals that will be placed in a unique and contrary to traditional compositions. As graffiti enters its place among the art world as legitimate art form, we have put together this lineup with the intention of showcasing some of our cultures important figures. With most, if not all the artists having an extensive background in traditional graffiti we have tried to bring many aspects of our current culture. From Legends Like Mare 139 & Eric Haze to emerging stars like Sueme and Jurne. We have picked a wide spectrum of talent. International additions like Remi Rough and She One will also contribute, reminding us of how far our culture has reached. We offer a different vision, modernist at times to street art and traditional graffiti. The great part of the Art Basel event that spreads into the streets of the Wynwood arts district, is that all angles are represented from traditional graffiti, to street artists. We now add our version this year with ‘In Situ’. We hope you stop by and say hello.

The graffiti Avante Garde as some have called it is here and we hope you enjoy what we will be bringing to the table this year.
Also watch out for special guests that will be added to our lineup.

256 / Gerhard Richter at Tate Modern

I took Lili to the Tate yesterday to see the Gerhard Richter exhibition…
It had a profound effect on the both of us, those large scale squeegee paintings are unbelievable!

Suffice to say you need to see this show… I managed to snap a couple pics before the Tate Police intervened, enjoy…

253 / For, Against & The Truth

The For, Against & The Truth exhibition, curated by Stormie Mills opened this week at Linton & Kay Gallery in Perth, Western Australia.
Here are my paintings from the show… I’ll post some other pics from the opening as soon as I have some.

il buono
spray paint on canvas
80cm x 80cm

il cattivo
spray paint & bitumen on canvas
80cm x 80cm

il brutto
matt emulsion & spray paint on canvas
80cm x 80cm

252 / Dabs, Myla & Remi/Rough

Had the most amazing day today with my good friends Dabs & Myla in East London.
We painted a smooth collaboration which was so easy… As Myla stated, it practically painted itself!

So as the sun slowly set over the east, we finished our wall and headed to South London for some Gowlett pizza action.
Can’t wait to hang with these guys in Miami again next month… And hopefully do another wall with them soon!