256 / Gerhard Richter at Tate Modern

I took Lili to the Tate yesterday to see the Gerhard Richter exhibition…
It had a profound effect on the both of us, those large scale squeegee paintings are unbelievable!

Suffice to say you need to see this show… I managed to snap a couple pics before the Tate Police intervened, enjoy…

253 / For, Against & The Truth

The For, Against & The Truth exhibition, curated by Stormie Mills opened this week at Linton & Kay Gallery in Perth, Western Australia.
Here are my paintings from the show… I’ll post some other pics from the opening as soon as I have some.

il buono
spray paint on canvas
80cm x 80cm

il cattivo
spray paint & bitumen on canvas
80cm x 80cm

il brutto
matt emulsion & spray paint on canvas
80cm x 80cm

252 / Dabs, Myla & Remi/Rough

Had the most amazing day today with my good friends Dabs & Myla in East London.
We painted a smooth collaboration which was so easy… As Myla stated, it practically painted itself!

So as the sun slowly set over the east, we finished our wall and headed to South London for some Gowlett pizza action.
Can’t wait to hang with these guys in Miami again next month… And hopefully do another wall with them soon!

251 / Wagamama Cardiff

Continuing on the the incredible Art & Eat campaign from Wagamama, I hightailed it up to Cardiff to drop this and then hightailed it back home all in the same day…