403 / Communication Accommodation Theory

A new collaborative painting with Shok1 which deals with how people adjust their forms of speech and communication depending on who they are communicating with, It’s called ‘Communication Accommodation Theory’.

401 / Conversations – Kofie & Jaybo

Two incredible artists, Agents & two of my dearest friends open a secret show tomorrow night with Soze Gallery in Downtown LA.
If you’re in LA get down to it…

Rumours also abound of a book & a collaborative print release.

400 / Juice 126 new work

A preview of new work from the legendary Juice 126.
These works are actually large format stickers and Juice is planning on putting them up in and around the streets of Birmingham, so keep your eyes peeled Birmingham heads…

399 / The purple striped jellyfish

This is a photo of a purple striped jellyfish. It is found mainly off the coast of California & has a mildly painful sting to humans, but is hardly ever fatal.
The purple striped jellfyish has no spine, much like a few pathetic human beings I could mention, who write shit on other people’s social media timelines & make big remarks whilst hiding behind their fucking keyboards like lame fools.

Utterly spineless…