418 / …..

This post has been removed so as not to give jealous toys free pr.

416 / One from the vaults with Banksy

We did this illegally on the track side at Herne Hill Station in the summer of 1999.
The slight darkening on the ‘W’ was my gold paint not properly working yet, and it was so dark I didn’t notice until the next day.

“There’s no money in this shit… I’m going into management…”

415 / Images of home – Now available

My new journal is available to purchase from here NOW!!!
Just click the ‘BUY’ button on the right hand side AND please make sure you use the drop down menu to get the correct overseas postage!

It’s A5 and 72 pages of images you rarely get to see… Mock ups, sketches, ideas, photos and more…
100 copies only, printed on recycled 100gm paper with a 250gm cover.
Printed by the amazing team at Ripe Digital.

If I say so myself it’s pretty sexy…
And I do!

413 / Images of home 01 – Journal

You know me… I love making a mini book!
So I’ve launched straight into 2013 with a new printed project.
My new journal is 72 pages of ideas, sketches, mock ups, instagrams and images you rarely get to see.
No glossy processed photographs, just stuff that never makes it into the image stratosphere…

Here’s a sneak peek…
The journal is A5, 72 pages and full colour printed on 100gsm paper to give it more of a fanzine feel.
But trust me, there’s some gems in there!

Available very very soon!!!

412 / 2013

I’ve had an incredible 2012…
I had my first UK solo at Unit44 in 3 years, I had my first US solo show at Soze Gallery in LA, I was one of the 4 Agents Of Change who painted the largest mural in London on the Megaro Hotel, I painted some pretty radical collaborative walls with Shok1, I painted a faux 2 storey building at Moniker Art Fair, Partook in some pretty heavy duty group shows in London, Glasgow, Los Angeles and New York… I also travelled to Melbourne… TWICE in 3 weeks!!
Released a mini book, painted murals in Los Angeles, Belfast, London, Newcastle and Paris! Released my first screen print through Whisper Art and almost lost my thumb in a ladder based accident in LA…
And these are just a few things that happened! All topped off by asking the woman of dreams to marry me and she saying yes!

So all in all it’s been a trip and I am very much looking forward to 2013, when I shall be doing a groundbreaking collaborative exhibition with Shok1, showing with some of the Agents Of Change in sunny Marrakech, having my first London solo show in a long while not to mention getting married, releasing a new book and god knows what else…

So Happy New Year and here’s to more of the same and better!!

PS. I so appreciate all the support you guys throw at me… It makes it all worth it, thank you!

411 / No logo

A painting I did way back in 2009 entitled ‘No Logo’.
This was an important piece for me as it referenced the next departure in my painting in a big way.

410 / #GraffuturismLA

The much talked about Graffuturism LA show opens tonight in Downtown Los Angeles, with an almost unheard of lineup of artists and curated by Soze Gallery and Poesia.

The painting I did for the show is quite big yet is very minimalistic in it’s approach.
If you’re in LA I suggest you get yourself down there…

Latitudes, longtitudes & the in between
Spray paint on canvas
140cm x 160cm