526 / Mural for Mohammed VI Museum Rabat

I was deeply honoured to be commissioned by the Musée Mohhamed VI to paint a large scale mural on the facade of their beautiful building in the centre of Rabat, Morocco.

The mural was commissioned by the Museum as part of the Jidar Festival and will be in place for one year.

523 / #RoughSketches getting republished

So if you missed out on the super limited 125 edition of my #RoughSketches book from 2014 don’t worry as the lovely people at Unicorn Press are republishing it with an additional 24 brand new pages of artwork!

More news on release dates etc as soon as I have it but for now here’s the cover…

518 / Baseline 03

Another new baseline study. Thinking of taking this into large scale.

517 / Baseline

I really want to start doing some different work and change the kind of compositions I’ve been working with of late.
This small piece is, I think, in the general direction that I’d like to go.

I want to start working from horizontal baselines and building highly minimalistic compositions around those baselines…