454 / Strictly Kings and better

Here’s some details from a new ink and collage piece I’ve just completed entitled ‘Strictly Kings and better’.

It’s a retro take on some of the recent collage works I’ve been making.
The title says it all…

451 / Rethinking space and time

I had an amazing chat with one of my best friends Carlos Mare this evening… So lucky to have friends like this in my life.
He straightened out a few crumples for me and also made me realise the importance of being earnest.

He also told me how as an artist, I need space and time. Space to think and time to let those thoughts become something more.

I made this painting with another great friend Jaybo sitting looking over my shoulder, almost a year ago.
It says a lot about me as an artist and it reflects my current mood and my need to rethink my space and time.

The Absolute – 2012
Spray paint on linen
100cm x 100cm

450 / National Youth Arts Trust charity event

Last night was mad, I painted a chair to be auctioned off at a charity event for the National Youth Arts Trust, the chair made £600 and I also made a quick painting which made a healthy sum for the charity too.

The Auction was led by comedian Stephen Mangan and artist extraordinaire Grayson Perry.

I have to say a big thanks to my old friend Butch for getting me involved and making it happen.

The Orms series 7 chair

Grayson Perry AKA Claire and me

Stephen Mangan pon di mic

Me and Butch, the original Art Of Survivalist

448 / New collage works for sale

I have a few rather nice collage pieces for sale. All of these paper artworks are a complete one off and are made with a variety of different papers.

Drop me an email if you’re interested or would like to see what other I have available…

Cyclic behaviour
30cm x 25.5cm

Untitled 1
30cm x 30cm

The Fifth
30cm x 30cm

Untitled 2
30cm x 30cm

447 / Life imitating art

A bit behind on this post as Shok1 and myself did this a good few weeks ago…
It’s a more conceptual approach to our recent collaborations ‘Life imitating art’ is an experiment in re-imagining a piece of art.

I painted my geometric construction first and Shok followed my contours and shapes to recreate his own interpretation with his now trademark x-ray style.

446 / Excuse My French – Galerie Celal

I had an amazing night at the vernissage of mine and RCF1’s new show; Excuse My French at Galerie Celal this week. We had some legends pass through too, Quik, Sharp, Ogre, Alex One, Kan DMV Crew and so many others.

Big thanks to RCF and to Galerie Celal for being perfect hosts…
Here’s some pix from the opening.

Myself and RCF1 AKA Jean Moderne
Photo by Thierry Lerendu

Fluorescent Black
Mixed media on canvas
100cm x 100cm

The Complexity
Mixed media on canvas
100cm x 100cm

Mixed media on canvas
61cm x 61cm

Sing to me sweetly darling
Mixed media on canvas
100cm x 100cm

The legendary Quik and gallerist Celal
Photo by Thierry Lerendu

Ogre, Me and Celal
Photo by Thierry Lerendu

Paris master Alex One came through
Photo by Thierry Lerendu

Blade Runner
Paper collage
59cm x 59cm

5000 Miles
Paper collage
59cm x 59cm

Equalism I
Paper collage
84cm x 59.4cm

My old buddy Sharp TDS came to show love
Photo by Thierry Lerendu

Gallerist Erika Elo and Remdog
Photo by Thierry Lerendu

Mickeys by RCF1

The Rising Guard
Paper collage
84cm x 59.4cm


The Yard

445 / Unfolding, the artworks

The complete artworks from Unfolding at David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech.

Remi Rough -

Equilibrium I

Equilibrium II

Equilibrium III

Equilibrium IV

Equilibrium V

Carlos Mare -




Steve More -

Black Syntax II

Black Syntax III

White Syntax II

White Syntax III

White Syntax IV

White Syntax V

Derm -

Protrusions in 6061 0.1

Protrusions in 6061 0.2

Protrusions in 6061 0.4

Jaybo Monk -

Aenesthesy For Aesthete

As Large As Alone

Never Kiss A Knife

LX One -

Sculpture in pine

Organised Confusion

Pavillon Royal