459 / Jaybo Monk – Paper Tears

My friend, colleague and fellow Agent Of Change – Jaybo Monk has a new show opening next month at Soze gallery in Downtown LA.
All works on paper, this show I know is going to be stunning, sold out and highly attended by his American fans…

Don’t miss it!!!

456 / New ‘Rough Sketches’ book coming soon!

Here’s a couple of screen grabs from my new forthcoming book – Rough Sketches.

It’s 185mm x 250mm, black and white and filled with 124 pages of blackbook sketches from the early 90’s until now. With foreword from Stormie Mills and limited to only 100 copies.

I’ll hopefully have this available in the next couple of weeks.
More details soon!

455 / Traffic Design Festival Poland

I just returned from an amazing week in Gdynia, Poland… Painting a huge mural with Krakow’s finest; Nawer.
The Traffic Design Festival begins in 2 weeks time, but they flew myself and Nawer in to kick the festival off with this teaser wall.

Some of the murals from last year were outstanding, so I expect even bigger things from this year!

I was honoured to be their first international artist…

Anyway, here’s the photos… enjoy.

Photo by Alka Murat.

Photo by Alka Murat.

Nawer on top of the world…

454 / Strictly Kings and better

Here’s some details from a new ink and collage piece I’ve just completed entitled ‘Strictly Kings and better’.

It’s a retro take on some of the recent collage works I’ve been making.
The title says it all…

451 / Rethinking space and time

I had an amazing chat with one of my best friends Carlos Mare this evening… So lucky to have friends like this in my life.
He straightened out a few crumples for me and also made me realise the importance of being earnest.

He also told me how as an artist, I need space and time. Space to think and time to let those thoughts become something more.

I made this painting with another great friend Jaybo sitting looking over my shoulder, almost a year ago.
It says a lot about me as an artist and it reflects my current mood and my need to rethink my space and time.

The Absolute – 2012
Spray paint on linen
100cm x 100cm