470 / Tim Hans

I recently had a studio visit from the very talented photographer – Tim Hans.
Tim shot a couple of portraits of me for Vandalog and Rhiannon Platt interviewed me to go alongside Tim’s lovely photos.

Portrait by Tim Hans © 2013
Artwork by Remi Rough and Augustine Kofie © 2011

469 / Workspace top floor

I was invited to paint the entire new top floor of the newest Workspace building.
I worked alongside London based architects Orms to give the top floor a selection of highly bespoke touches.
The brief was completely carte blanche and this was the result.

I start on another phase of paintings for them in a few weeks, so more to come…

465 / Codak & Rough ATT Crew

My friend and ATT Crew mate is currently in town and we finally after 2 decades of being in the same crew got to paint a wall together! Isaias Crow was also rocking it with us today…
Good people, good times and good vibes.

Codak and me… Aerosol’s Top Terrorists!

463 / From lines into abstraction

A truly incredible line up for this show in Montreal, Canada at the Yves Laroche Galerie, curated by artist – Patrick ‘Reso’ Jungfleisch.

Artists include; fellow Agent Of Change, Augustine Kofie, Cope2, 123Klan, Dems333, Alex Scaner, Doc TC5, Bacon, Greg Lamarche, Reso, Pose, El Mac, Pro, Sen2, Stare, Victor Reyes, Wane, Yes2, Zek One and Zoer.

Should be an amazing show!