470 / Tim Hans

I recently had a studio visit from the very talented photographer – Tim Hans.
Tim shot a couple of portraits of me for Vandalog and Rhiannon Platt interviewed me to go alongside Tim’s lovely photos.

Portrait by Tim Hans © 2013
Artwork by Remi Rough and Augustine Kofie © 2011

469 / Workspace top floor

I was invited to paint the entire new top floor of the newest Workspace building.
I worked alongside London based architects Orms to give the top floor a selection of highly bespoke touches.
The brief was completely carte blanche and this was the result.

I start on another phase of paintings for them in a few weeks, so more to come…

465 / Codak & Rough ATT Crew

My friend and ATT Crew mate is currently in town and we finally after 2 decades of being in the same crew got to paint a wall together! Isaias Crow was also rocking it with us today…
Good people, good times and good vibes.

Codak and me… Aerosol’s Top Terrorists!