484 / Where Devils Dare To Tread

I recently finished this private commission for a someone.
I plan to do some more work on found wood as I am really pleased with the outcome of this.

483 / Jaybo – The Space Between

The painter’s painter is back once again!!

Artist, maverick, gamechanger and Agent Of ChangeJaybo Monk has a new show of paintings coming up soon at the Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam.

Jaybo never ceases to amaze me with his incredible output and constant evolution.
I am really looking forward to seeing these new paintings as always!

479 / Coded Language paintings from 2008

5 years ago I made a very daring (for me anyway), body of paintings that I exhibited at the Peacock Visual Arts Gallery in Aberdeen.
It was my first full exhibition of abstract paintings. Paintings I’d been slowly working on over a period of 3 years.

I’ve been looking back at this series of paintings lately as I’d like to revisit this style of painting and I thought I’d share 2 of them…

You’re reading far too much into this
Matt emulsion and spray paint on canvas
137cm x 137cm
Private collection London

Anno Domini Soldiers
Matt emulsion and spray paint on canvas
137cm x 185cm
Private collection London