538 / ‘Neon Burner’ by Remi Rough & Shok-1

I recently painted this experimental mural with my good buddy Shok-1 in Central London.
The painting is entirely Neon, thus the name: ‘Neon Burner’ and is a precursor to a collaborative show we will be doing later this year…

535 / LA artworks first glimpse

Going at it hard for this show… I’m hoping this will be one of my best set of works to date.
Anyway here’s a glimpse at one of the A3 paper pieces for the show!

532 / Dallas buyers club

I love seeing my paintings hanging in their new homes.
This painting ‘Superficial expression of velocity’ was sold to a lovely couple in Dallas, Fort Worth and now hangs proudly in their living room…

531 / Motivational therapy

A new painting and possible shift in style and direction.
Still working things out…

Motivational therapy
Mixed media on canvas
80cm x 80cm

530 / Jaybo Monk at the Wiesbaden Kunsthaus

A preview of the exhibition has also been published on Graffuturism.

Jaybo Monk will be doing a Live Drawing session call” the one minute of doubt” , this coming Saturday at the Kunst Haus wiesbaden where i will draw with some absurd drawing tools that i made especially for the occasion . Romulus and Romus the two grounder of Rome have been rise bei wolf and symbolized the grounding of cities and societies. All wolf made with the help of my assistant Toshio Mizushima.

About the project Kunstsummer

9 artists from 9 twins cities from Wiesbaden near Frankfurt have been ask to do sculptures parcour around the Schwalbacher strasse, a very busy street in the near of the new KUNSTHAUS ( museum). 100 nations are living very close to each others and the diversity of culture bring an Babel tower approach .

About the Wolves. The wolves are building a visual analogy to the integration situations from the 100 different nations who lives around the Schwalbacher street. the 9 sculptures symbolized the paradox between the place we are born and their new situation in a foreign place and their difficulties to accept and be accepted . these 1/2 wolves and 1/2 house are made of Oak ,a noble wood and Multiplex , a cheap multiple wood glue togethers in hundred layers both material represent the gap between the rich and the poor .the oak wolf stand for the complicated build society with rules and laws , the houses stands for the culture heritage, the past , the patriotism. Important is also that the sculptures are place as traces for the viewer to follow until the Kunsthaus museum , a place for intellectual dialogue. Integration is a dialog and not a dictate .