462 / ‘Motivational Therapy’ details

Some detail sneak peeks at some of the paintings from my upcoming show at White Walls in San Francisco next month.
The show is entitled Motivational Therapy’ and is a slight departure from recent works.

Detail from ‘Oxygen’ – 2014

Detail from ‘Ocean’ – 2014

Detail from ‘One Four Seven’ – 2014

Detail from ‘Ocean’ – 2014

461 / New mural with Two One

We called this jam ‘Tiger, Tiger burning bright.’
A complete freestyle from start to finish with one of the best artists around…
Two One is an amazing artist and a pleasure to paint with always.

460 / Day trip to Birmingham

Made the trip to Birmingham for some street art festival… Avoided the festival and painted graffiti with my good friends Crise and YesB.

Nuff said really….

Rough – 2014

YesB & Rough – 2014

YesB – 2014

Crise – 2014

Rough – 2014

Cryse & Rough – 2014

Cryse – 2014

454 / Wide Open Walls _ 03

We were finished painting for the day and myself and Sickboy were about to leave, heat drenched and tired beyond understanding, when a van pulled up, out jumped 3 kids who subsequently twisted our arms by pleading with us, to paint the sides of their van.
So being the nice guys we are…

This was one of the more minimal paintings I did in Galloya Village. There was a white circle painted on the corrugated iron door, so I used that as a starting point.