391 / In the presence of Angels – The artworks

Here are the artworks from In the presence of Angels…
For more information email – sozegallery@gmail.com

Mixed media on canvas
91.5cm x 152cm

What cool breezes do
Mixed media on canvas
122cm x 91.5cm

Black Triangle
Spray paint on linen
100cm x 100cm

Definitely The Last Accent
Spray paint on linen
100cm x 100cm

Mixed media on canvas
122cm x 91.5cm

I love the way you look
Spray paint on linen
100cm x 100cm

7th & Mateo
Mixed tape, ink & spray paint on 300gsm paper
59.4cm x 42cm

Palmetto & 6th
Spray paint & graphite on 300gsm paper
59.4cm x 42cm

Pink Rectangle
Mixed tape & ink 300gsm paper
59.4cm x 42cm

The Fragmented Metropolis
Spray paint on canvas
101.5cm x 122cm

Hand painted metal skulls

Painted wooden construction
85cm x 85cm

Various Painted wooden constructions

Duct tape installation

Sol indiges
Spray paint on canvas panel
30cm x 30cm

The model of working memory
Spray paint on canvas panel
30cm x 30cm

What cool breezes do (Detail)

Parfum (Detail)

Hand painted skate deck

390 / Remi Rough in LA (Pt 01)

So I’m back from The City of Angels… Older, wiser, inspired & with 9 stitches in my thumb!
Suffice to say I’ll be back in action soon so don’t stress.
My show at Soze Gallery was a complete success but I’ll post that in a couple of days, but for now here’s some pics from the trip, people I hung with, the wall I painted & things I saw.

At work with Kema & Poesia from Transcend Crew

The finished wall of abstraction – Remi Rough, Nick Kema & Poesia [ ]T & AOC

Old IronEyes himself… Retna rocking the new teeth pliers…

The legend that is – Kenton Parker

Me & Poesia, breakfast at Nick’s

Seventh Letter

RiskRock, me & Bobby C chillin on Skid Row

A little sumthin in Poesia’s book…

Art Senior, Daniel Lahoda & Art Junior at ArtShareLA, painted by Insa

A little souvenir from LA… Fucking ladders!

Sundown over Los Angeles

385 / A little Moniker for you

It’s been a crazy week at Moniker working like a dog with my boy Steve More
Been hanging with Shoe, Shok1 and so many other cool people.

But like all good things it comes to an end tomorrow night, but not before I do a collaborative painting with Ben Slow & Amanda Marie.

30th & Time… Guest starring Steve More & Shok1

Steve More and Shoe making chrome

Shoe inside

Shoe outside


Shoe, Shok, me & Steve More through the wardrobe

Ben Slow not quite sure of where the paint is meant to go

383 / Urban Masters coming this November

I am proud to be in a group show this coming November with an utterly incredible line up of artists that I can’t reveal as yet… Opera Gallery London are behind the pop up show at a secret location somewhere in East London…

Anyway, here’s two details of my very large new painting for it, entitled ‘Superficial expression of velocity.’