424 / If only silence could speak

New painting destined for Milano, to hang in a show curated by Mr Wany called Amazing Day 2013.
Also in the show are my good friends Poesia and Moneyless…

If only silence could speak
Mixed media on canvas
80cm x 80cm

423 / 3 x Collaborations with System

System and I worked on these in my old studio for a show we did together with LX One in Strasbourg, way back in 2008. I was just looking through some old photos and found these and thought I’d share…

422 / Unfolding

Really wanted to share the new work I’ve been doing for the ‘Unfolding’ exhibition in Marrakech this May with Carlos Mare, Steve More, LX One, Derm and Jaybo.
The new work is a departure from recent more geometric work into a more 3 dimensional approach.

The new series is called ‘Equilibrium’ and this is one of the smaller paintings.

Equilibrium V – 2013
Spray paint and graphite on canvas
40cm x 40cm